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バナメイエビ 陸上養殖 工場

​Inland aquaculture production technology and system
Development, sales, management and dissemination

We also support overseas operations.
<Overseas implementation country/inquiry country>
Mongolia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bolivia, Middle East, India, China, Central Asia, Russia, etc.

​Consulting and advising on land-based aquaculture

Utilizing the know-how cultivated through joint research with the government for more than 10 years, we propose a land-based aquaculture business model with high economic efficiency that incorporates the world's most advanced technology.

[Actual example]
Breeding Consulting (Land-Farmed Vannamei Shrimp)

Rearing Advisor (Land Farmed Salmon)


​Commissioned research and performance evaluation

We accept commissioned research and performance evaluations using our systems and equipment. It is possible to conduct breeding experiments using healthy shrimp that do not have specific pathogenic bacteria.

Questions, consultations, etc.
​Contact us here

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