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Indoor Shrimp Production System -ISPS-

Innovative indoor shrimp production system

(1) The “Indoor Shrimp Production System - ISPS -”, which employs an indoor closed circulation system, aims to deliver safe and delicious shrimp (live and fresh shrimp) grown without the use of chemicals to consumers. It is an epoch-making system that has been realized.

(2) Shrimp cultivated in this system are of the prawn family Vannamei shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)and,

It is native to Central and South America. Black tigers were the mainstream in shrimp farming in Southeast Asia.

The shift to Vannamei shrimp, which is superior in safety, quality, and disease resistance, is progressing at a rapid pace.

Efficient system realizes high yield and high profit

(1) As a result of IMTE's many years of research, it has become possible to grow vannamei shrimp in a very short period of 16 to 18 weeks.

(2) The improved ISPS Plant No. 2 produces shrimp in 6 tanks. in one tank
The harvested amount in one cultivation is assumed to be 4.5 tons on average (maximum 5.0 tons), and the entire plant can harvest about 80-100 tons of shrimp per year. In addition, this annual harvest is based on the premise of shipping an average of 13g to 15g per fish (for sushi toppings).


​Possible to produce high-quality and safe shrimp

① ISPS strictly adheres to HACCP (water quality control based on the Food Safety Control Act) and does not use any chemicals or additives.

② We use SPF (specific pathogen-free) juvenile shrimp produced in Thailand and uniquely formulated feed to produce high-quality and safe shrimp. JIRCAS and IMTE have already technically completed basic research on the hatching of juvenile shrimp. In the future, we plan to expedite the commercialization of juvenile shrimp production in Japan.

​③ In addition, technology that circulates water vertically and equalizes the oxygen concentration in the water gives the shrimp a moderate amount of exercise and produces firm shrimp.


manual system

Each operation of ISPS is automated and manualized. Water quality and temperature are automatically controlled, and no special techniques or farming experience are required. Because it is a packaged system, even people with no experience in aquaculture can participate in the shrimp production business with peace of mind.

You can also apply for a facility tour of the ISPS plant currently in operation in Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture. (paid)

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