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Production of high-quality and safe shrimp is possible

At ISPS, we strictly manage water quality based on the HACCP (Food Safety Control Law) and do not use any chemicals or additives. We produce high-quality and safe shrimp using feed that has been carefully selected.
In addition, technology that circulates water vertically and equalizes the oxygen concentration in the water gives the shrimp a moderate amount of exercise and produces firm shrimp. ​

バナメイエビ 陸上養殖 施設 1号



バナメイエビ 陸上養殖 施設 2号

Production of high-quality and safe shrimp is possible

サーモン 養殖 陸上養殖
陸上養殖 クエ
ISPS Trout Salmon Aquaculture Facility
​ (Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture)
ISPS Kueh Aquaculture Demonstration Experiment Facility
​ (Izu Oshima)
陸上養殖 海外 実績
ISPS shrimp farming facility
​ (Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia)
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