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​Patents and Awards

Acquired patents related to ISPS

5 in Japan

・Patent No. 3665838

・Patent No. 3955192

・Patent No. 4242875 

・Patent No. 4635172

・Patent No. 6208918

2 overseas

Patented in Malaysia and Mongolia based on international application PCT/JP2014/050650.

Awards/Research Results

Awards: ISPS technology development results are eligible for awards

① The 7th Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award for Meritorious Service in Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration (2009)

② FOOD ACTION NIPPON AWARD 2009 R&D/New Technology Excellence Award (2010)

③ Japan Society of Fisheries Science Paper Award 2019 Japan Society of Fisheries Science (2020)

7th Industry-Academia-Government Agriculture and Forestry​Fisheries Minister Award

産学官農林水産大臣賞 授賞式

Research Institute for Aquaculture Takuji Okumura Team Leader (left)

Marcy Wilder, Senior Researcher, JIRCAS (Middle)

IMTE Setsuo Nohara Current Director of IMTE Technical Research Institute (right)

2019 Japanese Society of Fisheries Science Paper Award

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