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​ Performance evaluation of feeds, additives, and breeding equipment / commissioned experiments

We accept commissioned research and performance evaluations using our systems and equipment. It is possible to conduct breeding experiments using healthy shrimp that do not have specific pathogenic bacteria.

IMTE Technical Research Institute (Iwata) conducts various performance evaluations and outsourced experiments.

Compared to the previous Myoko ISPS plant, it is now possible to conduct experiments in larger tanks. In addition, juvenile shrimps for experiments are easily available, so we have a system in place to meet any request.


Production of high-quality and safe shrimp is possible

At ISPS, we strictly manage water quality based on the HACCP (Food Safety Control Law) and do not use any chemicals or additives. We produce high-quality and safe shrimp using feed that has been carefully selected.
In addition, technology that circulates water vertically and equalizes the oxygen concentration in the water gives the shrimp a moderate amount of exercise and produces firm shrimp. ​


Rental of aquaculture breeding materials

Would you like to actually grow safe and secure shrimp using a simple ISPS breeding device?

​If you feed the shrimp you have grown yourself to the people involved, I think they will gain understanding of our business.

Features of this device

・You can experience growing shrimp relatively easily with a small investment.

・Because we start with intermediate training, it takes less time than raising young fish.

・You can grow safe and secure shrimp with the same quality as ISPS.

​・A training manual has been prepared, and our technicians will provide guidance on-site.


Questions, consultations, etc.
​Contact us here

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