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​Consulting business

Providing one-stop service

We will respond to new business consultations in land-based aquaculture.

From the selection of fish species, suitable site survey, feasibility survey (FS survey),
From plant design/calculation, construction management, training guidance, and sales support,
As a land-based aquaculture pioneer company, we offer a one-stop solution to your needs.
We are happy to consult with you.
In addition to vannamei shrimp, we have a track record of breeding in land-based aquaculture.I have experience raising salmon, barramundi and longtooth grouper at ISPS.

Response to overseas

We will respond promptly to overseas expansion and requests from overseas.
Overseas development consultant in February 2022
"Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd."signed a business agreement with

We will develop new aquaculture systems and solve existing aquaculture farm problems according to the needs of target countries. ​


​Meeting on ISPS technical assistance with the Vietnamese study team

OCG 締結式

Business feasibility study (initial study, FS study)

Corporations interested in land-based aquaculture, corporations considering new business,
Why not start with an initial survey?

In the initial survey, the location of the candidate site and the suitability of the surrounding environment were examined.
If it is judged that there is a business possibility, we will proceed to the feasibility study.

In the feasibility study, we investigate project costs and profitability.

陸上養殖 FS調査

In particular, in the case of vannamei shrimp, a species of tropical origin, it is necessary to keep the water temperature at 28°C for breeding, so it is important to investigate the heat source. If natural energy such as hot spring water, geothermal heat, geothermal heat, solar power, biomass/biogas, and warm waste water from factories can be used, the overall operating cost can be reduced.

Also, if we can utilize deep sea water and ground seawater, which have been a hot topic recently, the amount of added minerals will be reduced, so the total cost can be greatly reduced.

Detailed design, cost estimation, construction management

If it is decided to proceed with the project in the survey, work such as detailed design of the facility, project cost estimation, construction schedule, and construction management plan will be required for the implementation stage.
IMTE will carry out this series of work with the cooperation of ISPS Promotion Council members and business partner companies.

陸上養殖 施工

Development management, processing and sales support

IMTE has 10 years of experience in producing, processing and selling vannamei shrimp at the ISPS Shrimp Plant in Myoko City.
We have succeeded in branding “Myoko Yukiebi”.
These experiences and the knowledge gained during that time are being put to great use in the new business of Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc., Kaikoyuki Ebi LLC.    

エビ 加工

Terrestrial Aquaculture Advisory Service

IMTE has received regular consultations from corporations that have started land-based aquaculture or are considering introducing it. Consultations are conducted via teleconferencing and email, but in some cases face-to-face consultations are also available. You can proceed with the business review without spending money.

Questions, consultations, etc.
​Contact us here

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